How Does A Somnowell™ Device Work in Reducing Snoring?

How Does A Somnowell™ Device Work in Reducing Snoring?

Most people spend between a quarter and a third of their lives sleeping. Sleep is one of the most essential elements of a healthy lifestyle, so few things are as important as a good night’s sleep. When thought of in this manner, it’s shocking that so many people allow their sleep to be disrupted by snoring or the snoring of their partner.

Many actions can be taken to reduce snoring, but many people are unaware that there’s a simple solution to their snoring woes—one that can bring back the peaceful calm of a full night’s sleep.

What is the Somnowell™ Anti-Snoring Device?

At Vitality Dental, we recommend the Somnowell™ anti-snoring device to our patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea. The device is medically recognized and rigorously tested, and recommended widely by professionals across all sleep-related fields, including dentists, surgeons, and medical doctors. The device was designed by one of the UK’s top Consultant Orthodontists, Simon Ash, who has focused his career on the field of sleep-related breathing disorders.

The Somnowell™ sleeping aid is a sleek, comfortable, and easy-to-use chrome cobalt mouthguard that ensures proper jaw positioning while you sleep. The device provides a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to solving snoring and sleep apnoea issues.

How Does the Somnowell™ Stop You From Snoring?

Snoring is a physical problem that requires a physical solution. When you’re sleeping, your throat muscles relax. As your throat relaxes, your muscles loosen and your air passageways become narrowed. When this happens, the smooth flow of air is obstructed, resulting in vibration and the all-too-familiar snoring noises. In some cases, snorers temporarily experience complete blockage of the airways, shocking them into an abrupt awakening.

The Somnowell™ anti-snoring device reduces snoring by maintaining an open airway while you sleep. The device holds your lower jaw in what is commonly known as the “recovery position” (while sleeping on your side) to ensure that you can breathe peacefully and without obstruction.

What Are the Advantages of a Somnowell™?

Durability: While mandibular advancement devices are commonly recognised as one of the most proven methods for controlling snoring, they are often made from cheap plastic that needs to be bulky in order to be strong. They will often break or bend, reducing their effectiveness over time.

The Somnowell™ sleep aid pulls away from the competition as it is made from a chrome cobalt alloy that stands the test of time. In many cases, the device will remain effective for indefinite periods of time. The device typically lasts for over 10 years, and provides a lifetime solution for stopping snoring. In some cases, the soft tissues and muscles in the mouth can shift over time, reducing the effectiveness of the device. In these cases, your dentist can make a simple adjustment to the device to re-fit it to your mouth.

Custom fit: As opposed to other one-size-fits-all solutions, the Somnowell™ is custom-fitted to fit your mouth. The device is fully adjustable and uniquely designed for each patient’s specific needs. Of course, with a device properly fitted to your mouth’s dimensions, this will lead to increased comfort.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the main concerns when it comes to anti-snoring devices. Other anti-snoring mouthpieces are often uncomfortable, overwhelming, and difficult to sleep with. In some cases, these cumbersome devices can even exacerbate existing sleep issues.

The Somnowell™ anti-snoring device is renowned for its comfort compared to other mouthpieces. After an initial break-in period, patients don’t report experiencing any pain. The slim-line design is far less chunky than plastic devices, as the chrome cobalt alloy makeup allows for a strong hold with less bulk. The device is also kept away from your tongue, which is a large source of discomfort for other devices.

The device is designed to evenly spread the load and pressure evenly across your teeth, as opposed to putting pressure on specific points. This reduces the pain and soreness typically experienced from similar plastic devices. The even pressure across all of your teeth also prevents the unwanted movement of teeth that can sometimes be caused by cheaper plastic anti-snoring devices.

Hygienic: The Somnowell™ device is worn only during sleep, and is therefore easily cleanable. Each Somnowell™ device comes with a durable storage and travel box that make it easy to keep clean.

Subtle: Another added benefit is that the device is fairly subtle. While wearing the device, you’re still able to talk and drink—something that’s not possible with other plastic mouthpieces.

Success rate: The Somnowell™ device is proven to work time and time again. 95% of people who use the Somnowell™ device experience in improvement in snoring. The results are simply hard to argue. Follow-up studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of users continue to wear their mouthpiece while sleeping every single night.

How Do I Get a Somnowell™ Device?

If you think the Somnowell™ anti-snoring device would be a solution to your snoring woes, book a consultation with Vitality Dental in Pulborough, West Sussex. At your consultation, our dental professionals will take measurements and impressions of your mouth and teeth. This will give us a clear picture as to how your jaw opens and closes.

Once the measurements have been taken, we will send the impressions to the anti-snoring experts at Somnowell™. They will use the exact measurements of your teeth and jaw to construct your custom-fitted anti-snoring device. Once we’ve received the device, we’ll then bring you back to our office to ensure that your device is fitting properly, and that it’s sufficiently comfortable. After a period of one month of using the device, we’ll arrange a follow-up appointment to ensure that the device is working as intended, and still fits comfortably.

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