Dentist for Anxiety Patients

If you are a nervous patient and suffer from Dental Anxiety or Phobia – we are the practice for you.

Here at Vitality we specialise in putting nervous patients at ease.  Before their visit to us many of our patients hadn’t been to the dentist for years, even decades, due to an intense anxiety of dentistry they have suffered since childhood.

Never Too Late to Visit the Dentist

Whatever the condition of your teeth and however nervous a patient you may be, it is never too late to improve your smile and lose your fear of the dentist.  The team at Vitality is well versed in reassuring nervous patients and even curing them of their intense phobias of the dentist.

Dental treatment is not what it used to be – many drastic improvements have been made and pain relief as well as better patient care have come on leaps and bounds.  Despite that, there are still dental practises out there, which don’t cater well for nervous patients.

Pain Free Dentistry

Vitality is different as helping anxious people overcome their fears and get the smile they’ve always dreamed of is our speciality. We can certainly arrange for you to be sedated if you choose, but we also find that a lot of our patients, who were extremely nervous before their visit to us, find peace of mind with Vitality and often choose not to be sedated.  We do, however, respect all our patients’ wishes and our aim is to make your visit as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Making an Appointment if you Suffer from Dental Anxiety of have a Phobia of the Dentist

Our friendly reception team will ensure you are made as welcome as all of our patients and may suggest you come and visit one of our specialists for an informal and relaxed chat about how we work, what treatment may be required and also any anxieties you may have about dental treatment.

We take all treatments and anxieties seriously and will go at your pace ensuring you feel as comfortable as you can be so once your treatment is complete you will also be over your phobia and anxiety.

Call our reception team today on 01798 872004.

Ready to find out more?

Vitality Dental Welcoming Old and New Patients

We are delighted to announce that we are now reopen for our usual comprehensive range of dental healthcare, and are pleased to welcome all patients, new and existing, after a simple but thorough health screening to ensure everyone’s safety. You are welcome to call us and we will happily help with any dental problems or concerns you might have. Supplies of highest-level PPE have improved considerably, and along with powerful antiviral mist, air extraction equipment, and careful social distancing in the building, you really will be in a clinical environment that is as safe as it can be.