West Sussex Dentist Reviews & Testimonials; Vitality Dental

Ms M

“Having not been to the dentist for a significant number of years my appointment was driven due to a troublesome wisdom tooth. After considerable research to find a local dentist who I felt I could trust I opted for Vitality. The experience I have had at Vitality has, without question, been positive, pain free and has redressed my fears of the dentist. I would recommend the practise to everyone and anyone.”

Ms R

“I have had a Somnowell device fitted for my sleep apnia and snoring. Arvin did a wonderful job of fitting and making the device. I have been using it for two months now and I no longer snore or choke. I am very happy!”

Ms T

“I’m always impressed by the calm and patient explanations that Arvin and Charley give when I’m having treatment. I also like the fact that we chat in a relaxed way before and after treatment. It helps to deflect any anxieties I have.”

Mr J

“After 50 years of serious dental photobia, Arvin has finally enabled me to go to the dentist without a week of fear and trepidation beforehand. I thought I would need sedation but Arvin convinced me I wouldn’t. He was right and I saved a fortune. If you are at all nervous of dentistry then Arvin is your man!”

Ms G

“Having been terrified of dentists since a child I now almost look forward to getting my smile better! All the staff are very friendly and helpful – it is more like a social club in the reception with chat between patients and staff.”