Endodontics Specialist for West Sussex

Also Known as Root Canal or Root Fillings

At Vitality, we are proud to be one of the only practices in West Sussex with an on-site endodontist (root filling specialist). Endodontic treatment (root fillings) is done when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, usually as a result of decay. Our endodontist uses a state-of-the-art microscope to remove the affected nerve, and then the root canals are carefully cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed.

Why have Root Canal?

Root fillings / Root Canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. We believe there is no real substitute for your own tooth in terms of health and investment. When teeth are extracted, unless they are replaced the neighbouring teeth can shift, interfering with chewing and placing extra strain on them. We would always advise that teeth are saved where it is possible to save them.

Sometimes root fillings are completed in one visit, but other times two or three appointments may be needed. We will ensure that you are comfortable throughout and that the treatment is pain-free. Often there is pain before the treatment and doing the root filling provides quick relief.

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Vitality Dental Welcoming Old and New Patients

We are delighted to announce that we are now reopen for our usual comprehensive range of dental healthcare, and are pleased to welcome all patients, new and existing, after a simple but thorough health screening to ensure everyone’s safety. You are welcome to call us and we will happily help with any dental problems or concerns you might have. Supplies of highest-level PPE have improved considerably, and along with powerful antiviral mist, air extraction equipment, and careful social distancing in the building, you really will be in a clinical environment that is as safe as it can be.