Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collated some of the questions we get asked the most, if there are more questions you have for us we are happy to answer these for you. Please call into our Sussex practice or call us.

Braces and Invisalign related

How much do braces cost?

We charge from £4500 for Invisalign clear braces. Most people pay monthly to spread the cost out.

Do you offer clear braces for adults?

Yes we do. Invisalign clear braces are perfect for adults who require a discreet solution for crooked teeth.

Is there an alternative to teeth straightening treatment?

In certain cases we will consider veneers to correct crooked teeth. Call now on (01798) 872004 for details.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary way of straightening crooked or teeth without using insightly metal braces.

Do you offer Invisalign for adults?

Yes we do. We are authorised to fit clear invisible braces for straighter teeth.

Root canal treatment related

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treament is a simple routine procedure carried out to restore badly decayed or infected teeth to health.

Is it painful to have root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a simple, painless procedure that we carry out regularly. Some patients even fall asleep during it!

Crown and Veneer related

What is a dental crown?

Crowns are bespoke, precision made devices to restore the health, integrity or appearance of damaged or unsightly teeth.

How much does a dental crown cost?

We charge £818 for crowns. Most of our patients are VitalityPlan members meaning they get a 15% discount on this fee.

What is the process for getting veneers?

Getting veneers is a simple, painless procedure that can dramatically improve or change the appearance of discoloured teeth.

How much for a full set of veneers?

We charge from £818 per veneer. Call now on (01798) 872004 to arrange a consultation to discuss the treatment you want.

Are implants and false teeth the same thing?

Most people will prefer to have implants rather than dentures. Implants are fixed in the mouth and feel like natural teeth.

What is the difference between an implant and a crown?

Implants are synthetic roots made of titanium, and are placed when teeth are extracted. Crowns go onto natural teeth.

Can I have partial dentures?

Yes you can.

Anxiety and phobia related

What is dental phobia?

Many patients are anxious or phobic of visiting the dentist, but this is something that our clinicians are experienced at managing.

I have dental anxiety, do you offer treatment for nervous patients?

We are particularly keen to help patients who are nervous or phobic of dental treatment and have successfully managed many hundreds of such people.

Is there such a thing as pain free dentistry?

Yes there is, and we go out of our way to ensure your visits are always pain free. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to discuss how we achieve this.

Can I have a filling without a sedative/injection?

We always recommend that fillings are done under anaesthetic to ensure your comfort.

Cosmetic dental related

Do you offer dental cosmetics?

Yes, we have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Do you offer professional teeth whitening?

At Vitality we offer the gold standard in tooth whitening, home whitening with 10% carbamide peroxide. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to book a free consultation to discuss your needs.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Tooth whitening is £460 but if you sign up to our newsletter you will be the first to find out about special offers we run periodically.

Will my teeth really look whiter after whitening treatment?

Professional tooth whitening with 10% carbamide peroxide gel worn in trays overnight at home is extremely effective. Most patients will see visible results after 2-3 weeks. Your dentist can advise if your teeth are suitable for whitening.

Emergency dental care related

Where can I get emergency dental care in West Sussex?

We offer emergency appointments Monday to Friday at our practice in Pulborough. Call us on (01798) 872004 to book.

What is the definition of emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care is the provision of urgent treatment or attention to patients with toothache or who have sustained trauma.

What are your tips for finding a local dentist?

At Vitality, we ask our patients to submit reviews which can be read on our website or on Google. The most desirable practices will publish reviews displaying high levels of satisfaction.

Family dental care related

Do you offer family dental care?

At Vitality, we offer dental care to patients of all ages and are particularly keen to welcome families. Our VitalityPlan membership scheme includes affordable packages for children and teenagers.

Do you offer treatment for children?

Our highly trained therapists have a special interest in the provision of children’s dentistry and we feel it is especially important that children are able to access high quality dental care.

Should I choose braces for my children?

Your dentist will give you an indication of what is recommended, and what options are available to your child, after a thorough consultation. Book now on (01798) 872004.

I prefer to have a female dentist, do you have one?

Not at the present time.

What is the definition of an oral surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dentist with a special interest in surgical procedures of the head and neck.

Snoring and Somnowell related

Can you help treat snoring?

At Vitality we are one of a select group of dental practices that offer Somnowell anti-snoring devices. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to find out if it could help you.

Can you advise on anti-snoring devices?

Your dentist can give advice about anti-snoring devices after a full consultation and examination. Call us on (01798) 872004 to book.

Do you supply stop snoring products?

At Vitality we are one of a select group of dental practices that offer Somnowell anti-snoring devices. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to find out if it could help you.

I have heard about Somnowell, how does it work?

Somnowell anti-snoring devices are very sleek, discreet appliances which are worn overnight to reposition the lower jaw and open the airway, thus preventing the patient from snoring.

Contact and payment related

Where can I park at Vitality Pulborough?

We are situated about 200 yards from the Pulborough car park on Brooks Way which offers 4 hours’ pay-and-display parking.

What are your contact details for booking an appointment?

You can book an appointment online via our websites Online Booking Facility at the top left of this page, or call us on (01798) 872004. Alternatively fill in our contact form on the contact page.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00am, and offer two late evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday finishing at 6.30pm.

Can I pay for my treatment in instalments?

We offer interest-free credit on all treatment plans over £1000, subject to status. Call us now on (01798) 872004 to discuss.

Do you offer discounts?

Our VitalityPlan membership and discount scheme is a very popular way of ensuring you get the best prices on dental treatment carried out at Vitality. See the VitalityPlan section of our website or call on (01798) 872004 to find out more.

Ready to find out more?

Vitality Dental Welcoming Old and New Patients

We are delighted to announce that we are now reopen for our usual comprehensive range of dental healthcare, and are pleased to welcome all patients, new and existing, after a simple but thorough health screening to ensure everyone’s safety. You are welcome to call us and we will happily help with any dental problems or concerns you might have. Supplies of highest-level PPE have improved considerably, and along with powerful antiviral mist, air extraction equipment, and careful social distancing in the building, you really will be in a clinical environment that is as safe as it can be.