How does the Invisalign Invisible Brace work in straightening crooked smiles?

How does the Invisalign Invisible Brace work in straightening crooked smiles?

Have you considered using Invisalign invisible braces instead of traditional braces? Invisible braces have long been the dream of anyone with crooked teeth who still can’t quite imagine them taking on the visual stigma of ‘train track braces’, and the best minds of modern endodontics have helped make that a possibility. Today, Vitality takes a look at clear braces, and whether they are the right pick for you.

Why would I need braces, anyway?

Your endodontist will usually suggest braces as an option if you have crooked teeth. Simple enough, right? However, while you may be more worried about your wonky smile, the reasons your dentist may be concerned about your smile’s health are a little different. Wonky teeth are usually caused by underlying issues like overcrowded teeth pushing each other out of line, alignment issues that result in a strong overbite or under bite, or an incorrect jaw position. Not only can these alignment issues lead to problems like headaches and earaches as well as issues speaking, chewing and biting, but the overlapping areas of tooth enamel leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease as compacted food can get caught in the gaps.

Aren’t braces for children?

Part of the drive behind the creation of Invisalign invisible braces was to address the visual stigma that turns adult clients with badly aligned teeth away from having their issues corrected- the old silver ‘train track braces’ that scream ‘goofy 12 year old at school’. Invisible braces allow you to escape this silly pre-conception, and keep a professional look to your smile, while the clear braces discreetly solve your problems. Correct minor alignment issues and improve your smile without fear of judgement from others!

Will I have to wear braces forever?

It’s highly unlikely that you will ever have to wear permanent braces. However, depending on the complexity of your dental issues, the time period for which you do have to wear them will vary. Usually, you will need traditional braces for a year to two years, which may be followed by the use of a retainer to help secure and set the tissue around the adjusted teeth. Clear braces reduce this period quite significantly, needing only 9-18 months to correct most issues. The 3D nature of the treatment plan means your dentist will be able to give you a close, realistic personal timescale at your initial consultation, too.

Braces work by applying a soft but permanent tension on the misaligned tooth, gradually encouraging the tooth and surrounding tissue to adjust into the desired position. Your dental practitioner will make adjustments throughout the period, which may leave you with slight discomfort after the appointment- but this will be brief. Depending on your exact issue, you may need a tooth extraction before the braces are applied in order to correct poor alignment and allow room for the other teeth to be corrected.

How do clear braces work?

The traditional metal brace works on a bracket and wire system, where the wires are regularly tightened at each appointment, and the brace remains in your mouth at all times. This can cause significant issues with eating and drinking, and requires considerable changes to your personal oral habits and dental cleaning routine to accommodate them.

Invisalign invisible braces work on a different system. Nearly invisible, these clear braces consist of a series of retainer-style inserts which are specially fitted to your teeth. Rather than tightening a wire at each appointment as with traditional braces, you are instead given a few weeks’ supply of custom aligners, typically swapped out once a week. You will use them in sequence, switching to the next in the series as advised, until the desired results are achieved. You can find out more about this totally unique dental system here.

Why are Invisalign invisible braces better than traditional braces?

Obviously, one of the most prominent reasons people are drawn to clear braces is to avoid the unappealing visual nature of traditional braces. It’s unlikely anyone will notice you are wearing your clear braces, so you remain free from social stigma. This can help prevent your attempts to correct your teeth from impacting your career or social life. In turn, it’s likely your confidence will be significantly boosted too.

Besides their discrete nature, one major benefit of invisible braces is that they can be removed to eat and to clean your teeth, making them far simpler to fit into your life. Dentists advise that you wear them 20-22 hours a day to see the best results from them. This does give you the freedom to remove your braces for special events, photos and more, making them simple to use and flexible.

Clear braces are also easier to maintain, and the process of wearing them requires less of a learning curve. There’s no need to contend with elastics and the risk of brackets popping off or wires irritating your gums. You can clean and floss your teeth as normal, too.

This removable nature, coupled with their near-invisible appearance, makes them a far better solution to tooth alignment issues then the traditional wire brace. While they may cost slightly more, the convenience and shorter duration of the treatment often balances the scales out considerably, rendering them a cost-effective solution too. Remember that there are always ways to help you achieve your dental needs financially, so don’t be afraid to reach out to Vitality today.

Does the Invisalign invisible brace system sound like the perfect solution to your aesthetic smile problems? Then it’s time to get in touch with one of our highly-skilled and knowledgeable dental team today, to find out if you’re a candidate for this unique clear bracing system.