Where and how to find help with dental costs and how to manage them

Where and how to find help with dental costs and how to manage them

Dental care need not be neglected by anyone, regardless of finances. Many people who cannot afford regular dental care may avoid annual visits until dental issues compound into something much worse. Thankfully, you do not have to avoid your dentist just because of financial constraints. You can get help with dental costs so that small issues are detected early, before they get worse.

So what are the options for Affording Dental Costs?

 There are a few options available to patients requiring first class dental treatment. These include;

  • Cash payment plans – These are often provided by employers and constitute a cash-back scheme. You pay for your dental treatment as normal and then apply to have those fee’s reimbursed within the limits of your annual plan.
  • Private dental insurance – Again these can be provided by your employer, but it is also common to see individuals and families hold private dental insurance. In effect your premium is assessed on your health, age and likelihood of needing treatment beyond the norm. Your insurance covers you within a certain limit, usually far in excess of your annual premium.
  • Private dental care plans – These schemes are gaining in popularity and prove to be a great way to spread the annual cost of dental care as well as receiving discounts on the price paid for treatment.

Private Dental Care Plans

There are many private dental care plans offered by local practitioners which focus not on free short term care, but rather, discounted long term care. Vitality Dental is one such organization which provides different treatment plans for different needs. VitalityPlan is an alternative to more expensive dental insurance. This plan helps to protect oral health without breaking the bank. Such plans are designed to offer the best care with regular payments along the way. The regular care ensures that treatment needs are uncovered before they compound and become more serious dental concerns. You can set up treatment plans like these so that you pay a lower, monthly rate in exchange for long term, annual dental care.

For adults, there are smaller plans which cost from £14 per month. For those who are 18 years or older (21 or older if in school), this comprehensive plan gives you annual reviews of your oral health, oral cancer screenings, and x-rays. Moreover, it offers a personalized assessment of any dental needs starting from the first visit, so that any subsequent visits can be arranged posthaste. Additional treatment options are all offered at a discount of 15%, excluding things like implant services and sedation. Members get worldwide insurance so that emergency treatments can be covered as well as email newsletters with tips and information on maintaining dental health.

Kids & Teens Private Dental Care Plans

Anyone with teens can still reap similar benefits from £13.50 per month, or £7 for small kids. This plan provides one routine review every year, including dental x-rays. Teens get two hygiene visits annually and kids get one oral health education session with their hygienist or therapist to teach them the basics of oral health care. For any treatment fees parents can enjoy a 15% discount. When on the go, worldwide insurance covers any emergency treatment or accidental dental damage.

Emergency Dental Insurance

When you are traveling abroad and need dental assistance quickly, your insurance can help offset the costs but can also be used at home for ad-hoc accidents to your teeth.

Emergency callout insurance is there to help cover the costs of dental care no matter who treats you. This coverage allows you to find a dentist where ever you are, pay the charge, and receive reimbursement from your insurance after the fact. You can get immediate pain relief from dental problems while on the road and not have to worry about the costs.

Car Insurance for Dental Care Reimbursement?

For dental trauma, perhaps the result of a car accident, you can have your insurance cover the majority of the costs for treatment. Some dental insurance programs keep you covered if you need hospitalization as a result of an accident and dental trauma.

But where best to go but to your local friendly dentist?

For dental insurance and private dental care plans, you should be given leaflets which explain the coverage, the insurance limits, any exclusions or excesses. Make sure you go over these with the provider so that you know exactly what you can get help with, where, and when.

Sometimes this can all feel ‘a little too much’ and all you need is good old fashioned honest advice from your local friendly dentist. We, as always, recommend just popping in for a chat or arrange a call with us so we can talk through the best options for you. You never know, you may only need a few hygienist visits a year!

For more information on the plans offered by Vitality Dental, visit the link: https://vitality-dental.co.uk/vitality-plan.